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LllLinuxClient LllWindowsClient


  • Remove hardcoded SET SERVER=monster from common/Environ.bat
  • On x86_64 architectures, the DNS checker does not seem to work because an apparent direct reference to i586's perl/lib directory

Medium term:[edit]

  • Add smartmontools (disk error checking) to LLL CD
  • Automated test sets: LLL-test

External bugs to report[edit]

  • Webmin and refererchecks: allow to check prefixes, not just hostnames
  • Samba and pam password checks

Bugs/Todo, low priority[edit]

  • Make a definite list and layout of our Windows CD.
  • Redo spec files for perl modules, so that they are less kludgy (use tar files, and patch files)
  • canonize group names for project share
    • Is it actually needed? (current group names seem to pose no problem...)
    • canonization itself
    • avoid clashes (counter?)
    • find group name of existing share


  • Test registry tweaks for LtettSite
  • Find way to selectively save only certain registry settings
  • Hide H: Drive letter


  • Update builtin Webmin documentation
    • Add note for new batch creation method to intro.html
  • Write small installation doc, skip adsl-modem details
  • Fill LLL-Wiki


  • Make /etc/init.d/firewall dependant on ppp


  • Fix "Rentrée" script so that it can use firstname-lastname as primary key, under following conditions:
    • No user with other natural key (login, SSN) is found
    • User who is found with new key doesn't have conflicting natural key (i.e. if new user has SSN, and user with matching fst/last name has an SSN that is both authoritative and different, ignore existing user)
    • Customized report sending (free choice of address and format)
    • Use mime attachments for report

Internetstuff (lll-i)[edit]

  • Remove all traces of external (@@MAINIP@@) IP address (except maybe for named)
  • make ppp0 the default external interface


  • Find out internal/external interfaces dynamically (for firewall)
  • Start delay of 30 seconds (menu)


  • Upgrade to new firewall code in Troisvierges / Ste Sophie
  • Fix mimeDefang dependancy in LGL and elsewehere (must start after network)

Not needed for Transfair:[edit]

  • integrate automatic printer choser
  • Macintosh format for batch command execution

Misc Notes[edit]

  • firewall script
    • delete getservbyport references from IPTables-IPv4 CPAN module, report "enhancement request" to author

Old Stuff[edit]