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"Recheck on 9.1" bugs[edit]

  • By default, webmin should point to internal (or whatever is needed for webmin)
  • chkconfig --add lpd
  • cnn.com used as example of questionable site
  • Add -G to useradd line in /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • templates share missing in samba
  • Re-add apache2 service to /home/userd/install/services.sh
  • Strange groups in "net groupmap" list
  • We should open incoming ports 993 and 995 in webmin default config
  • Include sample "update IP" script (=/usr/local/bin/updateIp=)
  • Cannot edit user's webmin "School" permissions
  • Apache certificate is way old...
  • Move webmin definition to top of virtual hosts file (precedences...)
  • Activate MASQUERADE in /etc/mail/linux.mc or else mail will bounce because of unknown domain
  • usecracklib and enforcefor_root missing in pam.d/samba (password change)
  • Installation: /var/lib/dhcp/{db,var} must belong to the dhcpd user, or else Dhcp daemon crashes
  • Chown -R dhcp, resolv.conf