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We use the webmin utility to administer the LLL system.

Webmin already comes with a number of modules, useful for managing a wide variety of system functions: apache, DNS, sendmail, ...

We have added a new module, specially tailored to LLL's needs. This is called the school module, and its logo is the LLL logo.

The school module[edit]

The complete title of this module is Management of the community's Users and Computers. Links below are not yet translated into English, thus they will lead to the French version.

  • Logs


26.03.2009 By upgrading Webmin to the 1.470 Version

change the file: /usr/share/webmin/school/html.pl at line 48

It must be $out .= "=\"".&html_escape($value)."\"";

and NOT: $out .= "=\"".&main::html_escape($value)."\"";