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We use the webmin utility to administer the LLL system.

Webmin already comes with a number of modules, useful for managing a wide variety of system functions: apache, DNS, sendmail, ...

We have added a new module, specially tailored to LLL's needs. This is called the school module, and its logo is the LLL logo.

The school module

The complete title of this module is Management of the community's Users and Computers. Links below are not yet translated into English, thus they will lead to the French version.

  • Logs


26.03.2009 By upgrading Webmin to the 1.470 Version

change the file: /usr/share/webmin/school/html.pl at line 48

It must be $out .= "=\"".&html_escape($value)."\"";

and NOT: $out .= "=\"".&main::html_escape($value)."\"";