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Context and goals[edit]

The goal of the LLL project is to supply a Linux solution to Luxembourgish Highschools, and other communities.

Following type of features are available:

  • Local services: file storage, printing
  • Full-featured internet access
  • Ease of Administration


  • Windows file and print serving
  • E-mail
    • Local e-mail access via sendmail and IMAP
    • Remote e-mail access from any web-browser via Horde/IMP
  • Web browsing and hosting
  • Firewall
  • Pdf Printer
  • Client PC installation: UDPcast
  • Administration via webmin

Samba file serving[edit]

  • Users and passwords managed by Linux server
  • Files directly accessible from Windows clients
  • Fine-grained permissions
  • Available Windows drives
    • Specific to student: P:, S:, and W:
    • Common to a class: G:, T:
    • Public (readable for everybody)
    • "Project"-related drives

Samba print serving[edit]

  • Printers accessible from Linux and Windows clients
  • Supported connectivity:
    • HP Jet-direct (network printer)
    • Directly attached to server
    • Attached to windows workstations
    • Print job accounting


  • Friendly email:
  • E-mail accessible from within via IMAP (Mozilla)
  • E-mail accessible from outside via IMP/Horde webmail (usable from any computer with a Web browser)
  • Spam filtering

Squid web cache[edit]

  • Accelerated browsing experience
  • Possibility of blocking sites with questionable content
  • Accountability: log of URLs visited

Web hosting[edit]

  • Public school web page
  • Internal school web page
  • Personal web page for each student


  • Protects the school network against attacks from outside
  • Protects the outside world against attacks by the students
  • Enforces usage of web proxy
  • Allows flexible allocation of IP addresses using Network Address Translation (for FTP, IRC, ...)

Pdf Printer[edit]

  • Convert Office documents to PDF format by printing them to a special network printer
  • There is also an email-based converter:


  • "Cloning" of client PCs
    • For "first time" installation
    • For "repairing" PCs after students had their fun with them
  • Takes advantage of Ethernet multicast to send to multiple destinations at once simultaneously
  • Example: partition of 5 GB can be copied to a whole classroom in under 8 minutes
  • Easy-to-use menu driven boot disk
  • Available at

Webmin administration interface[edit]

  • User management
  • Firewall administration
  • Fine-grained access control (access to network services, shared folders and exam users)

Client side Linux[edit]

  • Client-side Linux at the LGL, Sainte Sophie and Wilwerwiltz
  • "Programming" classes, networked gamed
  • Access to server via NIS and NFS

Key figures[edit]

  • 4 schools
  • 4000 students
    • 1000 at LTNB (since 1994)
    • 1250 at LGL (since spring 1999)
    • 1250 at LTML (since fall 1999)
    • 625 at EPND (since spring 2001)
    • Internetstuff Wilwerwiltz (since summer 2003)
    • 300 at Primary school Troisvierges (in progress)
    • Transfair/Minka (since April 2004)
    • 350 at Primary school Parc Hosingen (since June 2004)